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.Camsoc Youth`s Day Party 2015 !!!.

Camsoc Youth`s Day Party 2015 !!!


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.Camsoc is now on Youtube !!!.

Camsoc is now on Youtube !!!

Dear members, we have created our own Youtube channel and our intention is to offer the best of Cameroon Music, Sports, Foods, News, Movies and much more in the next couple days. Please click to...

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.Camsoc Youth`s Day Celebration 2014.

Camsoc Youth`s Day Celebration 2014

  SAVE THE DATE   THIS FEBRUARY 21st, 2015 More information email eb@camsoc.net, subject: Camsoc Youth`s Day celebration 2014            ...

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.Membership renewal Notice !!!.

Membership renewal Notice !!!

Dear CAMSOC Member, I hope that you all had an awesome holiday season. Thank you for your continued contribution and interest in CAMSOC.  The 2015 membership renewal process is in progress. Your membership counts and is...

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Camsoc TD Garden Night Out - Schedule

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Cameroon family Night Out @ TD Garden

March 16th, 2015: Boston Celtics vs Philly 76ers

“We should all meet at the East Premium Entrance of the TD Garden @ 5:05pm prompt”

Someone will be waving the Cameroon flag until 5:15pm. So be on time to enjoy fully with the group. Sneakers on for kids (especially) and Cameroon Lions’ jersey will be appreciated.


With our TD Garden Rep, we have worked hard on this schedule. Please everyone is encouraged to print a copy to avoid confusion while at the stadium. By printing a copy, it would also be very helpful in case someone is late or lost around the huge stadium of the Garden. We do have two options due to our Cameroon player of NBA tied schedule but also it is to give many people a chance to interact with NBA players. So after collecting all data for the Cameroon Family Night Out @ TD Garden our TD Garden Rep came up with this:


First option:


5:30pm: Our members will enter the TD Garden through the East Premium entrance and we will give everyone wristbands for drinks and food. Everyone will be escorted to your Promenade Location on level 9.

5:45pm: Our Cameroon native Luc Mbah A Moute could shortly visit everyone up there.


Second Option:

 5:30pm: Our members will enter through the East Premium entrance and will be escorted to section 3 of the Loge. This is the section next to the tunnel where the Philadelphia players exit/enter when going on the court to warm up. Our native Cameroon Player of NBA Luc Mbah A Moute could then stop by and say hello there to everyone.

5:40pm – Marc will take everyone into the arena to watch the players during warm ups from the very Lower Level (Section 14)

5:45pm - 6:20pm: After the visit with Luc, everyone will be taken to the Promenade where wrist bands for food & drinks will be handed out by our TD Garden.  

ATTENTION: For the members who want to arrive early to meet Luc or watch the other players warm-up they must arrive at the area exactly at 5:05pm                      


  • At this time, few kids may or may not be able to get orthographs from players. It is totally up to the payers at the time. Players are usually getting focused on their game so it is not always a guaranty.  Sometimes, kids get surprised hands shake from players or players approach fans for a little conversation.
  • After everyone gets a chance to talk and take selfies, Marc would take us a big group photo with the Cameroon Flag to keep for TD Garden record. He will also send us pics from their own photograph specialists because throughout the game, we will be on surprised pics from cameras at the field.  Bring your flag if you have one.

6:20pm – Everyone will be taken to our Promenade private area.

First whistle in the first period – the Special welcome message for our group will show on the Jumbotron (All those big screen TV around the Garden in & outside the TD Garden)

7:00pm - Marc will meet the parents of the children participating in the Anthem Buddies at Section 15&16. From here he will take the children down with 2 Garden helpers to bring them on the court. Parents must stay in section 14 (handicap area) to take pictures and are NOT allowed to walk down in the aisles as they will be in someone’s seat or be blocking someone’s view.

7:35pm – After the nation anthem is over the parents will meet me back at section 15 &16 to pick up their children and go to their assigned seats.

At the half time, our food (Pizza + HotDog) and drinks (Sodas + Water) will be served. We are all encouraged not to waist food or drink. Only a bottle of water 0.5L costs us $5 plus, while a simple hotdog is $4

ATTENTION: Adults willing to get alcoholic drink will get them in a separated area and at their own expense. Camsoc understand that we are going out to enjoy but it is also our responsibility to let everyone know what we know. So just to let everyone know, a domestic beer such as Budweiser or Miller Lite costs $9.25/bottle while an imported beer such as Amstel, Heineken or Stella Artois costs $10.50/drink “However, CAMSOC gets our back and we will have a great time for sure.” LOL

 There will be no more High Five Tunnel. It will have been the second part of the show and will have followed as this:

6mins left in the 2nd quarter – Parents of children participating in the High Five Tunnel will have met at the same section 15&16 and kids will have been brought them back at the same location as the 2nd period beings. Similar to the Anthem Buddies, parents would have been watching from section 14 while taking pictures without having to go below into the sections.

ATTENTION:  If you arrive late and have your tickets, please enter the TD Garden and follow the direction to the Promenade Location on level 9. Do not attempt to reach the rest of the group if somewhere down below because some areas where we will be accessing are special pass to enter. Also, the 20 kids to do the Anthem Buddies will have their special pass given BY TD GARDEN REPRESENTATIVE prior to the show (Not By Any CAMSOC EB). So be on time with your child.



Let’s get our there and enjoy with our children this Camsoc Night Out.

Contacts Persons:


Thank you.


Camsoc`s TV

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