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All Cameroon Cultural Day Celebration 2015 PDF Print E-mail

Celebrating our Culture and traditions

Date: Saturday July 25th, 2015
Venue: 465 Mount Auburn Street, Watertown MA 02472
Time: 2pm prompt
Let’s do it again like we did last summer and even better. It has become a tradition for us Cameroonians of New England to come together as one people and celebrate our culture and tradition.
A unique and special event, Celebrating our culture and traditions will bring together all Cameroonians and friends of Cameroon, to fill 500 seats at 465 Mount Auburn Street Big Hall, Watertown.
The evening of celebrating our culture will be a night to remember. A night where
Guests will be entertained by the finest traditional dances from various cultural groups.
This year’s ALL Cameroon cultural day will showcase many activities:
-          Musical Performance from Georgette 
-          A cultural and traditional exhibition (trade fair) of Cameroon objects and motives
-          Tradition libations from tradition leaders of participating cultural groups
-          Traditional dances from various cultural groups
-          Traditional or tribal dishes exhibition
-          Traditional African fashion show
-           Live Band Music
-          Surprise artists and musicians from Cameroon and Ivory Coast
-          Giant screens to watch the event on different angles
-          Dance competition
-          DJ animation / Modern DANCE and partying.
Participation in this event is a unique way to show our children, friends and the world that Cameroonians in the Diaspora still cherish their heritage. Many cultural and civics groups have been called to participate including the following:
-          Bakossi
-          Bakweri
-          Bamileke (WESTCAM)
-          Bamoun
-          Bakoko
-          Nde Association
-          Haut-Nkam New England Association
-          Mankon
-          Manyu Family
-          Noma
-          Moghamo
-          Nkwen
-          Prebexsa-Boston (PHS)
-          Support Sisters
-          Wibum
We also called on the civic groups to bring in their vast experience on organizing social events.
Some Friends of Cameroon are very excited to be part of the Joy and celebration
-          Congo Brazzaville
-          Nigeria
-          Gabon
-          4th Presbyterian Church of Boston
**We are actively seeking help in various area and we are looking for volunteer to help in :
-          Security
-          Ushering
-          Food and Drinks
-          Audio and Video
-          Kids care
As a volunteer, you will be receiving incentives from the ACCD committee, a token, and 1 free tickets access.
A ticket is absolutely required to attend the event. Tickets are available. Please contact your group. For general admission please contact Emilia Likine at (617-435-8845)
Group Participation fee:
Participating cultural groups must have 10 or more members. The number of tickets per group is unlimited but groups must secure their seats before June 15th, 2015. 
Tickets are available on a first come first served basis.**
Group price is $30 per ticket for a minimum 10 tickets. Please contact Emilia Likine (617-435-8845) to secure your tickets.**
Tickets are not expected to be sold at the gate.**
Individual general tickets: $50 (paid in advance). Please contact Emilia Likine (617-435-8845).
Banner posted inside and outside the Hall = $100
Single table posted at the lobby main entrance = $75
Speaking about your business or organization for 5 minutes = $50
Flyers, brochures distribution in and outside the premise (Hall) = $25
Large screens advertisement (2 rounds) = $25
Together let’s drive this event to success for all of us and by all of us. Any suggestion is welcomed; every body is called to participate and take this endeavor to expected success.
Thank you for your ideas, suggestions and active participation in making the upcoming All Cameroon cultural day a success.
See you all next July 25th, 2015 in Watertown Hall AT 465 Mount Auburn Street, Watertown MA 02472. DOORS OPEN AT 2 PM.**
The Camsoc Executive Bureau.
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