Invitation for Joint BOD-EB Meeting

03-13-16 02:00 - 19:00
First Baptist Church Melrose
Address: 561 Main StreetMelrose, MA 02176

Tentative Agenda:

1- Establish a working and handshake protocol between the BOD and the EB. This is to make clear to everyone the implementation of the BOD bylaws.

2- Health check and working handshake within the EB with regards to their respective roles and responsibilities in the EB.
3- Get from the EB their plans and activities for the rest of the year, and get what is needed to make it happen
4- ACCDC dissolution process: agree on the plan and share the letter the BOD shall send to that committee and the discipline for all behind the process

5- Bereavement benefit implementation
6- Financial report
7- Leadership (BOD and EB) meeting place
8- Regional meeting place
9- Fundraising strategy
10- Budget

If you are unable to attend, delegate your vice or a representative.
Members who wish to present a statement of grievance should submit a copy to the BOD Secretariat at least a week before the meeting.
Contact the following with any Questions:
Peter Tamanjong: 617-953 7356
Gerald Tabi: 617-276 7542
R. Takang: 617-319 8444
Thank You.

R. Takang.

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