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CAMSOC Cultural Group Life Insurance enrollment is now open.

CAMSOC is excited to announce that the Cultural Group Benefits Company is ready to once again begin offering the Cultural Group Term Life Insurance Plan to new members and associations. Starting March 1, 2017 the Cultural Group Life Insurance Plan is available to new members.


* Active members who are U.S. residents
* Valid Social Security Number
* Dependent Children – Optional (Rider) (Covers unmarried, dependent children who are U.S. residents, have a Social Security Number and who are at least 15 days old but not yet 21; age 21 but not yet 23 and in full-time attendance to an accredited institution.

New eligible members have a one-time opportunity to enroll without completing a health application.

Members who choose not to enroll during this current opportunity period will have to fill out a Health Questionnaire to enroll in June.

Please enroll now to avoid answering questions about your health and stand a risk of being rejected. If you enroll now, you will not answer any QUESTIONS. DO NOT WAIT AGAIN!!

TO be qualified for this Policy year’s coverage with the old members, you would have to pay the prorated Rate Total for the rest of this policy year. That will be MARCH, APRIL and MAY.

See Total to pay below:

     AGE          FIRST YEAR Benefit   MAXIMUM BENEFIT  After year one Premium for 3 Months to Join now

**Under 65  $12,500.00                    $25,000.00                     $35.55**
**65-69        $6,250.00                      $12,500.00                      $17.75**
**70+            $1,250.00                      $2,500.00                        $3.60**
**Children                                            $7,500.00                        $1.90**

Please hurry and ENROLL NOW!!!

* Complete and sign the attached enrollment form (Enrollment forms must only be submitted to the billing office the group’s coordinator).

* Ensure all enrollment forms have been completed correctly and signed and then send to CAMSOC, PO Box 629 Malden, MA 02148.

* If both parents are covered under the policy, only one may apply for the Children’s benefit.

* Ensure correct benefit amount is checked.

* Submit enrollment forms and premium payments made payable to CAMSOC. Must be received before the effective date of the plan.

For Questions Contact me @ 781-866-6649.


Downlaod the form below:

Camsoc Group Life Insurance Enrollment Form

Bernard Nkwantah

CAMSOC Life Insurance Coordinator

How to complete your application?

1- Submit your application online (this step is for Camsoc Life Insurance Coordinator Office record purpose

  • Please fill out the electronic form below and submit, than do the second step ( submitting the LI electronic form do not count as if you are all set with the process, you must download the form (Download the CAMSOC Cultural Group Life Insurance enrollment Form 2017), filled it and mailed it to our P.O Box address 629 Malden Ma 02148).

2- Complete the form by hand and mail it ( Very important step) !!!

  1. Download the form CAMSOC Cultural Group Life Insurance enrollment Form 2017.
  2. Please fill out the form regardless if you submitted it online already. 
  3. Please make (Check) or Money Order payable to Cameroon Social Club (Camsoc).
  4. Mail the completed form plus your Check or Money Order to CAMSOC, P. O Box 629 Malden Ma 02148.